Conditions treated

Shoulder Conditions

I treat all shoulder conditions including, rotator cuff impingement, rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, instability, SLAP tears, arthritis and acromioclavicular pathology. I also treat all shoulder trauma / fractures. Treatment may by operative or non-operative, including targeted injections or physical therapy. The majority of shoulder surgery can be performed as ‘keyhole surgery’ and this is my preference.

Operations performed

Arthroscopic subacromial decompression

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Superior capsule reconstruction

Arthroscopic frozen shoulder release

Arthroscopic shoulder stabilization

Anatomical / Reverse shoulder replacement

Acromioclavicular stabilization / arthritis surgery

Complex trauma / fracture management



I treat all elbow conditions including tennis / golfers elbow, ulnar nerve compression / instability, elbow arthritis / loose bodies, elbow stiffness. I also treat all elbow trauma. Treatment may be non-operative or operative.

Operations performed

Tennis / Golfers release

Ulnar nerve decompression / transposition

Arthroscopic debridement / arthrolysis / removal of loose bodies

Elbow replacement

Complex trauma / fracture management



I treat the majority of hand conditions including, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglions, arthritis of the base of the thumb,  Dupuytren’s contracture, and De Quervian’s syndrome. I am experienced in treating hand trauma. Treatments include physical therapy, targeted injections and surgery.

Operations performed

Carpal tunnel decompression

Ganglion excision


Dupuytren’s fasciectomy / Xiapex injection

De Quervian’s release

Hand trauma